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These photos are of actual clients and are unfiltered, unedited, and true-to-life.

Look at her for a moment and you can probably tell that she's the kind of person who lights up a room when she enters. But Jessica didn't love the way her forehead lines stood out. We all get these lines as signs of a life of laughs (and maybe a few tears). Gravity and loss of collagen only make them worse.

After Jessica's evaluation, I recommended a simple Botox treatment to start. By starting small, we were able to perfect her look and give her exactly what she wanted -- without any of the "frozen-face" side effects you see in celebrities who over-inject.

Jessica loves how her eyes and smile stand out instead of deep forehead wrinkles. She's happy and feels beautiful.

Botox Before & After.jpg
Facial Fillers

Getting herself to work and her 4 boys (yep, FOUR) to and from school and activities means that Lindsay doesn't have time for a full makeup and beauty routine every day. She also likes to go all-natural to let her skin breathe a little. But she wasn't feeling her best. 

We decided what would help Lindsay leave the house looking fresh without makeup tricks were some facial fillers. We concentrated our efforts around her lower face and mouth. 

Now, no matter how many hours of sleep Lindsay actually gets each night, she walks out the door every day feeling fresh, confident, and youthful. 


As far back as she can remember, Linda was uncomfortable with the way her lips looked. Over the years, she tried all of the beauty tricks she could find - heavily outlining her lips, applying lipstick far above her natural lip line, and using drugstore plumpers to temporarily boost the size of her lips. Since her smile naturally turns down, she realized that as she aged, gravity was pulling her smile even further south.

I treated Linda with fillers on both her upper and lower lips. The "after" picture was taken minutes later and you can see how subtle injections already gave her lips a little bit of the volume she wanted.

I tried to get her to use the same expression in the "after" photo as she did in the "before", but she just couldn't stop smiling! She was very happy with her results.

Lip Fillers
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